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An english home page soon (under construction)...


WakkaFr is a clone of Wiki in php
You can download it here : DownloadWikiNi

WakkaFr is derivated from WakkaWiki because the author of WakkaWiki said he wouldn't have much time to work on it.
We intend to make the development of WakkaFr open to everybody.
That's why one of our first goals is to translate WakkaFr in, at least, two languages (french and english) -- and german if CostalMartigner2? wants to. (Oh, please first french->english)


In progress ...

[ to be translated ]


Pages utiles


vous le savez deja, moi aussie jaimerais bien que vous faites la version anglais,
parceque ilya beaucoup des gens qui veule develope aussi avec vous sur wakkafr mais ne parlent pas francais.
et quand en pense que vous/nous voulez une bonne wakka cest une bonne idee de laisser develope des gens qui ont beaucoup de "skills" en php comme ErusUmbrae (et moi un peux), autrement je crois on vas commencer une autre developement de wakka en anglais, et ca cest la merde parceque illya au minimum 3 wakka-developement-groups, et je crois cest mieux fair une grand group........
seulement mes 2 centime
-- CostalMartignier

Yes there is hope to see the site moving bilingual... with your help also.
I am going to translate the french PagePrincipale and you will be able to participate if you wish. (My english is not very good, but I will try.)
-- CharlesNepote

It would be really great to have a complete english (or better german) version of this site. Currently it's a bit to hard to find the pitfalls and differences when you want to upgrade from WakkaWiki to WikiNi (and are not able to read french).

Well, I wasn't very precise. What I was trying to say was: Since this site seems to be the only place where WakkaWiki will be developed in the near future (weeks or months), it would be very good to know what's going on. Then someone can include the changes in the english version. Therefore the whole community can benefit from the development of WikiNi. In particular I like this "Valid XHTML 1.0", "Valid CSS" and "(Déconnection)" stuff.

You are welcome ! Yes, we intend to continue the development of WakkaWiki and to propose to other developers to join us. We installed a CVS which will be open to english speakers when WakkaFr will be translated.
-- CharlesNepote

Well, in the first place I decided for myself to change not to much on my WakkaWiki cause I try to stay in touch with the main stream. ;-) But anyway I had a short look in the WakkaFr sources and copied that (logout) stuff to my Wiki. In addition I've modified a bit the header.php and footer.php to achive a 'valid html 4.1 transitional'. That are the most important changes that I can deal with on my own. Later I'll try to understand this page deletion thingy.

@MatthiasAppel: I hope you know that the change of header/footer is only the first step to a full-valid wiki. ;> On the other hand i would say that WakkaWiki is designed to be modified - fast and easily. Until the changes include the database structure you are always able to run new versions of WakkaWiki or WakkaFr... It´s very nice indeed.

Regarding the page deletion i would suggest checking the orphaned-ness of the page to be deleted in the deletion-function. This would be more safe - especially for new-to-this-wiki programmers and the efficiency-loss is of no great concern in a delete-function.
Another question i definitly have to ask is how do you write the new name wikini in a wiki fashion? It sounds very nice (and fast;) and i salute you on this choice. [answer : WikiNi -- DavidDelon]

Matthias, thanks for your compliments. WakkaFr (the new name now is WikiNi) will soon have a page in english. If you have any questions you can ask them here and I will try to answer them. As for the ChangeLog?, if I find the time to translate it I will do it ASAP.
-- PatrickPaul

I like the idea of a Wiki very much. It's focused on the content and on a community. In particular the WakkaWiki is easy to handle for beginners and therefore I hope to see further development for different languages. If you try to stand this competition then you will find several people to support you. If I can learn PHP fast enough then maybe I can help you too.

Our biggest problem isn't really php coding itself but all the work that goes around it : documentation, internationalization (translation), design, etc...
I think we have to take our time and work progressively towards a great community project ;-)
-- PatrickPaul

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I really like WakkaWiki. Here are other forks of the WakkaWiki code that look interesting:

It would be nice if the work on all three of these forks could be integrated into a WakkaWikiFork? site of some kind.

(je ne faisais que passer -- LordFarquaad)

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