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Hello everyone!

I visited my first Wiki in november´02 and was so excited about the idea, that i missed several lectures that day... ;>

Redundancy-reduction forced further information to BetaPi.

-- ErusUmbrae

"Wo zuviel zu sehen ist, sehen wir nichts." - G. C. Lichtenberg

Everyone should see ErusUmbrae site, and his new actions.
Would you publish the code Erus ?
-- CharlesNepote

I'm wondering why it's so difficult to the participants in wakka-clone projet to publish their code ? When I see in a changelog "major security bug regarding the change history fixed", I wish that this fix can benefit to all the wakka-clone developpers (and to wakka of course). Are you so shy to show your code guys ;-) ? If you want some help with cvs and automatic tools for building tar.gz, just ask.
-- DavidDelon

I should have mentioned it, you are right. Its not difficult to solve, only check the read priviledge in both of the methods. In the diff check for both pages of course. But i have a faint memory that the wakka acl hasaccess function didnt work the way i expected it to work. Maybe you should look into it. Maybe test a acl list like
But i really dont know for sure.

Thank you David for your offer of help regarding cvs. Locally i use it already (and by the way it is a great way of programming), but i will run into some problems regarding the installation of a cvs server on a remote linux system without telnet access. ;<

On the other hand it will take some time until the first publishable version is done. In the moment the source is really a mess and needs further refactoring. The point is, that either i model the whole concept now and write it down (uml and/or crc and plain text) to open the development or just refactor until a nice model emerges which then works in a way similar to my vision of how it should.

Currently i follow the second path...

And there is only so much time to spend.


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