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This page is biased with my specific requirements -- BenoitAudouard 20031217

English is the language of choice to get people to cooperate.

This is a synthesis of identified requirements, with some comments / how-to / details of possible implementation

Requirement WikiNi WackoWiki Weight Comment planned in wikini
tables 0 1 3 Would be nice to have : conversion from Word, default format ?
bold, italic, ... 1 1 3 Not the same syntax, easy conversion (Openwiki compatibility for Wacko) ?
themes 0 1 1 Nice tabs in WackoWiki, would require a theme editor to be fully usable or at least documentation how-to-make/change a theme ?
external links 1 1 2 nicer in WackoWiki (identified with image) but open in a new window (could be parametered) [See LienInterWiki] ?
preview 1 1 3 planned to reappear in WackoWiki R4
"Save & continue" as in egroupware would be fine (I don't understand : it exist in WikiNi, no ? [nope : there's Save, re-edit, not Save & continue editing : you've got to Save then click on Edit after display])
localization navigation 0 1 3 what's not yet available in WackoWiki :
- for WikiLinks (well just choose an international name for page, then take into account suffix to choose the appropriate language) : would require an ID for each page and an alternate name in each language (unique ?)
- from the start (depending on browser configuration, requires registering to select it, a flag for language would be better to understand navigation)
Localized-content management 0 0 2 manually it's nearly possible, the biggest problem is with displaying correct characters and editing other language (entities...) ?
translation management 0 0 2 manually, adding links for pages in other languages it's possible to identify those pages that need translation (and make navigation) ?
DocBook extraction 0 0 2 implementation available (tuned for wikini) ?
Automatic ToC 0 1 1 With anchored links to titles [See AncresAutomatiquesPourLesTitres] ?
Boxes for code 0 0 3 I do not want limited number of lines, the scroll works ok in WackoWiki [See AdaptationDeLaTailleDesFenetresDeCode] ?
Wiki Edit 0 1 1 ctrl-B for bold text... well that's not that usefull... ?
Total Score 10 10   welcome to fan school on sunday afternoon... ;-) Save / Preview / Save & Continue in their wiki (limited functionalities)

WackoWiki only manages those pages in the user's configured language

Discussion area

And the winner is... !!! well no winner so far, both have advantages, both lack some things the other has, or neither (... yet) ...

I'd like to know if my requirements are legitimate and which ones have a chance to be taken into account, hence I've added a column "planned in wikini" with a priority : 3 being high, 2 medium, 1 no chance (well ...)

To prove the need for internationalization, I've asked Polish and Greek contributors to eagle-usb to add a simple acknowledgement here (Lubek Tolmidisa, please describe what are your problems with french-only sites ?). My main requirement is to add a flag that people can choose that changes at least the navigation to their language (content is the responsibility of translators...). BTW, I've got the same requirement for phpBB2 !

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