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2 Février 2003 :


Costal, I did think it was you generating all this traffic on the site. The thing is you are making a lot of queries on the site and is it really necessary that you do it every 2 minutes ? If you're going to do that it would probably be better that we make Wikini send you an e-mail (as you had suggested) each time there is a change on the site. Is your goal only to monitor the changes on the site ?

No hard feelings. Its nothing personnal. I only wanted to know what was going on.

-- PatrickPaul

Humm alors j'ai encore regarde une fois dans le code de ma sidebar, et j'ai un refrech 5 minutes, mais je sais qu'il y a deja 5 personnes qui utilisent la sidebar............ :-)
tu dois savoir , que le seule raison pourqoui je votre site dans ma sidebar, est, que vous avez promis vous allez traduire votre site en anglais, et vous ouvrez le develpment pour toulemonde, mais comme je vois vous avez aucune interesse de traduire votre site, moi personellment je ne le comprends pas ..........
alors si vous me dites, que vous avez pas de interesse de avoir une team de development multinational (et par le moment ilya l'air commeca) , je delete votre site de mon sidebar, parceque jai pas de interesse de anttendre sur quelquechose qui ne vas jamaoz arrive.........
moi et ErusUmbrae et encore quelque autres en travaille deja longtemps sur notre wakkas, mais on avait toujours linteresse de faire une grande equipe developement, mais je crois vous pas .......
explique moi que vous pense, si la reponse et non (pas englais) je delete tout de suite votre site de la sidebar.........


Costal, we do have interest in having an international development team. For your information suggestions and code snippets can be posted by anyone on the site and we try to integrate them to Wikini. For the english translation of the site I am very much in favor to do so but David and Charles only want to have the home page in English.

To be quite honest with you, Costal, we DO plan to intenationalize Wikini. We are just taking the time to explore all the possibilities. Also, this is a hobby for us and we don't have as much time to work on it as we would like.

I am going to try to make things move a little more in the next month. Your help would be very welcome and if you want I will contact you by e-mail soon.

One last thing I want to add is that I (and I'm sure David and Charles feel the same) really like this project. And I personnally don't want to see it slip away from our hands to people who may have a hell of a lot more time than we do or even be much more competent. Although there participation is very welcome, I don't want things to move to fast, otherwise I will loose track of what is happening. By participating in this project I also see a way of learning and improving my skills.

A bientôt,

-- PatrickPaul
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